What do Holywood and Inglewood have in common?

I spent the majority of my day in the city of Inglewood, CA yesterday.

Inglewood has a fascinating history. It was started as a Spanish land-grant that was later used to ship wheat and barley through the Playa Del Rey Wharf by Daniel Freeman, a Canadian. This brought the development of a massive train and transport infrastructure which allowed for a poultry economy to dominate Inglewood in the early 1900’s. It was incorporated officially as a city in 1908 and its air age began after a boom in the 1920s which led to the establishment of LAX. The 1930’s gained its “Champion” title as runners for the 1932 Olympics passed through Inglewood, several Inglewood high school athletes winning medals that year. In the 1960’s the “World-Famous Forum” held games played by both The Lakers and The Kings – although no sports teams are currently playing in the city. This, of course, will change in 2020 when the Football stadium plans to feature both the LA Rams and the LA Chargers.

So what does this have to do with Holywood? Isn’t Holywood only about Hollywood and entertainment? No.

Holywood is a state of mind. Holywood is a holy focus. Holywood is pure, uplifted consciousness on a corporate scale. Holywood is an elevated collective, a community that knows its Christ-centered identity and God-given purpose.

I love this Kanye West track, “Champion.” I apply every one of the words of that song to the beautiful city of Inglewood – and anywhere that aspires to be a place of “Holywood.”

I have received message for several years now that Inglewood will play a very important role in world missions and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is one of the last remaining African-American communities in Southern California and it is full of people of faith and love. In this way, Inglewood is Holywood.

We are committing to seeing young people in the city of Inglewood embrace the call to world missions and to traveling around the world to bring glory to God and to share the gospel with people from Asia, Europe, and even the continent of Africa!

Please pray for us as we continue to do ministry in the city. Here is a picture that I took yesterday with a homeless man who I met as well as a minister who used to be on the streets and now works to bring the gospel to people in the South LA community.


This man was very concerned for his friend who was threatening to commit suicide so I stopped to talk and pray with him. He was so grateful that he gave me some gifts after we were done. It is moments like these that I deeply treasure – and every conversation, every interaction, every engagement motivated by the Holy Spirit of love is a step closer to the realization of Holywood.

Stay tuned for more information about our Inglewood Revival event schedule for August 11th (benefit concert) and the day of preaching and teaching on August 12th!

God bless you and thank you for your prayers!



Welcome to Holywood!

When is the last time you watched a movie? Or a television show? Or caught ear of an advertisement on your smart phone or tablet while watching a digital content streaming platform? All of these creations come from Hollywood, California (and its surrounding regions).

Any native of Los Angeles and the Hollywood region will gladly tell you that things are different here. There are, what could be called, energy portals that are here in the city of Angels unlike any other. These portals, if understood and harnessed correctly, have the power to change culture in radical ways.

This blog is for anyone who wants to shift culture into the Light. It is written from a Christian perspective with hope that all Light seekers and doers will unite with Christ.

Holywood is a term used to describe a land of holiness. its chief purpose is to broadcast around the world art & science which glorifies the God of Israel with moral and spiritual excellence and defies materialistic and defiling messages and media.

This is Holywood. Holywood will be again revealed to be as it was over a hundred and twenty years ago at its inception only as there is a hunger and desire and an understood need for a radical change away from the status quo to something more – well – holy.

Thanks for your interest. There is much, much more to come!