Holywood Arise

This past week there was a huge event in the heart of Hollywood called, Hollywood Arise. It was amazing. You can learn more about the event’s premise at the website of its sponsor, Radiance International. Basically, for 72 hours people gathered under a tent by the Hollywood Bowl and worshiped and praised and prayed to the God of Israel and Jesus. Different musicians and preachers took one hour intervals to focus on different subjects including pornography, addiction, and poverty. I showed up around 4AM and stayed until 8AM and had some amazing experiences. I came back the next night and again encountered the presence of the Spirit of God. Hollywood will never be the same! The premise of the event comes from a movement called The Call. The initiative specifically is called “Tent America.” You can find other similar events across California through their Facebook page, “Awaken the Dawn: California.”

Speaking of California, last week I attended an event I believe constitutes Holywood although it was not in LA. This is an important expansion of the concept of Holywood which, unlike Hollywood, is not necessarily bound to a physical geography. Holywood is synonymous to the Kingdom of God in relation to media, entertainment and education. So we experienced Holywood at an incredible conference called 100x up north. The first of its kind for Kingdom business people and entrepreneurs. You can learn more here: 100X.

Bottom line: The Northern California mobilization was for Christians who feel inspired to start businesses that are on-line. It commits to breaking off poverty mindsets and orphan spirits which hinder fruitfulness and major kingdom impacts for the individual on the cultures they are called to. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing community and see a future-model for “preaching the gospel” which will take place outside of the four walls of Church.

At its essence, this is a major purpose of Holywood. To bring the core message of Jesus to those who are outside of religious institutions.

Our prayers make an incredible difference and can ignite and inspire celebrities, influencers, and business people to actually work for God’s plan to bring heaven to earth – without getting the glory for ourselves! This is also a major principle of Holywood. Those in Holywood do not strive for their own fame or aggrandizement, but instead seek to sincerely lift up the Son of Man – in doing so – God honors them and reveals their most holy and beautiful destinies as accessible here and now.

In closing, I give testimony of this via an Avril Lavigne video. For those of you who grew up in the 90s and watched music videos in the early 2000s, there is probably no one better known as a “music video star.” Every video of hers, all billion plus views of them on YouTube, feature her front and center singing with angst and teenage rebellion. Until, of course, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease 5 years ago and her whole life changed. After years of not releasing any music, she just came out with this video for her song, “Head Above Water” which is, basically, a worship song. Her audience, incredibly international and majorly dedicated to her brand, is now getting a dose of the Holy Ghost. Unapologetically, she explains her new art as an expression of her struggle with the illness and a change of heart in many ways.

This is Holywood. It impacts artists and scientists across the board – believers and unbelievers alike – and brings them all closer to Our Heavenly Father.

The winds of change are blowing – God has an amazing plan and we can rejoice in knowing all of His promises will be fulfilled.

Cinema, Music, Digital Media – it all belongs to Heaven. And with Jesus living in us, we are inheritors of all of it. If it belongs to God, it belongs to us as His children. Isn’t that amazing? So, now we know that, what is holding us back from doing majorly wonderful things within these fields? That’s right. Nothing.

Holywood Updates – 9/24/18

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know of some good news – and good events – coming up here in the Hollywood area.

First off, this Rolling Stones article about Lauren Daigle’s new album “Look Up Child” is totally awesome. Here it is: Rolling Stones: A Christian Artist is Bigger Than Drake or Arianna Grande This Week .

There are so many layers to why this is just totally amazing and great. First off, it features this powerful spirit-filled artist who has labored long and hard for this type of appreciation. Secondly, it places that artist, who is a total Jesus-loving believer, in context and as ahead of two other artists who were raised as believers as a kind of prophetic calling to those artists to come closer to Jesus. Thirdly, it is still the number one article on Rolling Stones even though it was posted 4 days ago! That’s awesome! Lastly, the entire article speaks to the importance and power of Christian music and Christian consumers and is a reminder to the Body of Christ just how powerful we still are here in America.

Next, Hollywood will soon be having its own “tent revival” through Radiance International the second week of October that they are calling, “Arise.” You can find more at their website here: Hollywood: Arise. This is great news because it shows the unity of the movement of Christian art and entertainment in Hollywood which is greatly needed. Furthermore, it is being led by a husband and wife pastoral team with three children who really love Jesus. This is super encouraging for married Christian couples in Los Angeles – divorce is the norm around here, by the way.

Lastly, this one is for the family in Ohio. Just kidding, I don’t have any family in Ohio. But I’m sure SOMEONE knows someone from Ohio and so we are going to bring Lebron James front and center to the stage. He just made his debut here in Los Angeles as the new starter for the Los Angeles Lakers (which for LA Lakers fans is SO COOL!) but more importantly, is what Lebron James stands for and what he is going to bring to our City of Angels. This article, from a few years ago, does a beautiful job of capturing the importance and rootedness of “King” James – and it is well written, too! Gospel Herald’s article “Lebron James Talks About His Faith in Jesus Christ.” And here he is bringing that love of Christ to LA – definitely good news!

Stay on the Heavenly side of, well, everything. We’ll be back later this week with more good news updates!


Holywood Revival Details

We are going to send in the Levite priests to the major Hollywood studios: Disney, Universal, Warner Bros. and Paramount Studios
Two in Burbank (Disney and Warner Bros.)
One in Santa Monica (NBC/Universal)
One in Hollywood (Paramount)
We will have a group of worshipers (at least 50) to do the 7 circle Jericho walk around each studio 7 times while praising and worshiping on October 31st, 2018. He has given us faith and grace to do so (Romans 12:3).
Our first conference call to prepare will be this Sunday night, August 5th, 9PM Pacific Time using the Zoom app. If you would like to join, please directly email us at mediamissionaries@protonmail.com and we will provide the details.
We invite you to partner with us as a worshiper, intecessor, or connector (these are the 3 most needed roles) and we would love for you to be a part of the Holywood Revival Jericho Walk happening on October 31st, 2018.
God Bless!
The Media Missionaries

A Brief History of Hollywood

Hey All!
Taking a step away from the weekly “good news” updates, I wanted to give a brief history of the city of Hollywood real quickly with a perspective on Hollywoods and its heavenly purpose.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hollywood, California (1877- Present Day) 

◊ In 1877, Harvey Wilcox registered 160 acres of land for the purpose of starting a moral utopia for Christian artists where they could live free from the vices of the world called Hollywood.
◊ From 1903-1910, Hollywood was an independent city that had its own law enforcement, collected its own revenue, and was so prohibitionist that its laws required its neighbor, Los Angeles, to send any traders or individuals carrying alcohol to travel completely around its city limits.
◊ By 1910, the area of land was turned over to the county of Los Angeles for fear of inadequate water during a severe drought. Less than one year later, the first bar was built on what is now known as Hollywood Blvd. At the time the street was called Prospect Blvd. and Harvey’s wife, Daieda Wilcox, had promised free land to anyone who wished to build a church on the street.

◊ The city boomed under Los Angeles governance until the end of the roaring twenties when the Great Depression sent it into a crime-ridden spiral that it never fully recovered from until the beginning of the 21st century.

◊ By 1930, a motion picture production code had been signed and agreed on by all of the major studios in Hollywood due to the addition of sound to moving pictures. The document, known as the Hays Code, contains a statement that shows the responsibility film studios have towards “educators, dramatists, church authorities, and leaders in the field of child education and social work.” The exact language states, “No picture will be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin” (Motion Picture Code, March 31, 1930).

◊ Obscenity, promiscuity, violence, drug and alcohol use, and the ridiculing of religion as well as anti-patriotism were banned or severely limited. All of the major studios at the time were signatories, including Paramount, Warner Bros., Fox, and Universal – all of which are still in business today. The only difference is that every one of these studios now has films and television shows with graphic portrayals of everything that was forbidden in the code.

◊ After the Hays Code was released, there was severe scrutiny by religious media watchdogs such as the Catholic Legion of Decency which was held in high-esteem and exercised influenced with Hollywood studios and producers. Furthermore, even non-studio made films were fined by state censorship regimes and could not be shown inside of the wide number of “family friendly” movie theaters.

◊ Over-time, however, especially after the MPAA ratings system was implemented in 1967, there was a proliferation of obscene and vulgar movies after the decision of what rating a film got was constrained to a board of 8-13 members who must have experience with parenting and is based in Los Angeles, California. The ratings system is a volunteer opt-in for all production studios – no matter the size. There is actually no Federal or even state legislation that requires any film studio to apply a rating to its film. However, theater chains – essentially the gatekeepers of the content made by studios united through an organization called the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO)- have policies that directly tie their ability to show a movie with a specific MPAA rating. If a movie is not rated, the film cannot be shown.

◊ The original ratings system contained only a few options – G for general, M for mature, R for restricted under 16, and X which required an attendee to be 16 or over. In 1972 PG was added, and in 1984 the PG-13 rating was added at the request of director and producer Steven Spielberg. Finally, in 1990 the NC-17 rating replaced an X-rating. The ratings have not really been changed or altered since 1990. The official standards for ratings are not made public and kept between the members of the Board, whose salaries are paid for by all the major studio’s involvement.

Obscenity and Profanity

◊ In 1925, the massively successful film “The Big Parade” contained the first on-screen curse “Goddamit!” In 1939, “Gone with the Wind” was the first film to include the curse, “damn”, which is universally recognized in one of the most famous movie quotes of all time, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” After that, most swearing appeared on television and subject studios to fines and discipline from the Federal Communications Commission (1934).

◊ Important to commercial, economic, and business regulation, the FCC’s powers and responsibilities include distribution of licenses to legally broadcast, yet contain no moral references or basis. For this reason, swearing quickly became taboo, yet worth the risk if ratings went up, and by the time the ratings system was founded in 1968, the most the FCC did was impose fines on those stations or broadcasters who pushed the envelope. Approximately 98% of stations have survived without having their license revoked – mainly because it is rarely an action that the FCC takes.

◊ The President signed legislation to strengthen the FCC’s efficacy in 2006 with the “Broadcast Decency Act.” However, since then the proliferation of cursing and swearing in media has rapidly increased. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the FCC’s power to limit freedom of speech involving swearing and cursing was “unconstitutionally broad” and in the five years following profanity in media increased 69% – including the television show “South Park” using a curse-word over 150 times and the film “Wolf of Wall Street” using the f-word over 500 times or 3.16 times per minute.

◊ Scientific research published in Pediatric Journal shows a strong correlation between profanity and aggressive behavior in middle schoolers.

Promiscuity and Nudity

“The sanctity of the institution of marriage and the home should be upheld” – Motion Picture Code

◊ Just five years after Hollywood joined Los Angeles, its studios made the first widely-released American film with on-screen nudity. Audrey Munson, a model and actress from New York, came to California to make it big. Her portrayal in the film, Inspiration, opened the door to the trend of vulgarity and sexuality in major films. What is not known, however, is the horrible nightmare that Munson’s life became. Accusations of her having an affair with a married man tarnished her career. Not long after, the same man’s wife was found murdered. The husband was found guilty and hung himself in his jail cell. This was just the beginning. Munson moved back to New York where she began telling people she was engaged to a man who was a wealthy Baron. The Baron, and marriage, never manifested and in 1922 Audrey Munson tried to poison herself. The result was a media investigation into her life and engagement only to discover she had fabricated the entire thing. By 1931 she was a recluse, but a series of mysterious barn-burnings in her town aroused suspicion and a judge sentenced her to an insane asylum for the next 65 years. She died, still incarcerated, at age 105.

◊ Nudity paved the way, of course, to full on sex-scenes in American cinema. The first on screen graphic depiction of sex from a major studio was in “Midnight Cowboy” in 1969, just a year after the previously mentioned Motion Picture Production Code was revoked.


The drastic rise in vulgar and damaging content in motion pictures is always linked to changes of voluntary ratings and codes that the major movie studios agree to. These major studios are, essentially, at the mercy of their audiences. but the audiences are at the mercy of the MPAA as to how they judge whether content is vulgar or not. In this way, a board of 8-13 people unilaterally decide how 318.9 million people understand and relate to a 38 billion dollar industry. This board of decision-makers is non-transparent and their exorbitant salaries are paid for by the studios they are supposed to be critiquing and checking. The United States Government has had little to no real interference in film content and ratings and there are few to none other independent watchdog organizations who have influence on the ratings system which leaves total ratings control with the MPAA. Until there is a system similar to our Federal System involving direct input and influence by everyday film viewers, families, parents, and children as well as a greater role in rating and interfacing with major movie studios for the purpose of upholding and promoting moral and ethical values in movies by theater chains and religious organizations, we will continue to see a rise in inappropriate content and a degradation of morals in our media.
• The MPAA board can open up and become more transparent, revealing its full budget, salaries of its members, and the amount of money it receives from studios and other backers.
• The MPAA can expand itself to join with fellow organizations similar to who the Motion Picture Studios saw themselves as accountable to in the 1930’s such as religious organizations, educators, social workers, actors, directors, producers and other artists.
• The ratings system needs to be updated to take into consideration anti-religious and occult messaging, degrees of moral and ethical turpitude, and more detailed explanations of the range of subtle to blatant suggestions of evil based on The Bible.
• The MPAA must have stronger standards surrounding profanity, sexuality, and violence who will help contract and work artistically with content producers to help uplift films rather than ban or pass the material by slapping a simple rating on it. This may result in less movies being released each year, but quality – in this case – is far more important than quantity.
• Studios must be encouraged to build and develop relationships with individuals and organizations who are deeply studied and are sincere practitioners of moral, ethical and religious codes. Just as certain films have chosen to bring on consultants with wiccan or scientific expertise, those with moral and ethical expertise should be encouraged to be on set and help with the entire production process.
• Rather than the threat of censorship, the incentive to bring moral and ethical progress to filmmaking must be seen as artistic co-creation between all involved parties.
• Screenwriters and content creators must take oaths and, if necessary, drug tests to prove what they write is not the product of drug use, occultism, or other illegal activities under the laws of our land.

What God is doing in Holywood 7/25/18

It’a time for another Holywood update! This week we will look at music, film and internet – the seeming “trinity” of the secular world. But how encouraging to see the God-head in action in these three places!

Our first report is of worship leader Lauren Daigle’s new song , “You Say.” What is unique here is not the song, it is quite standard for Daigle, loving, praising and honoring Jesus in a beautiful way. What is unique, however, is its placement in the top 3 Spotify international AND national streamed songs when it was released (it’s still at 5 and 4 respectively). You can watch the video here: You Say.

Since I have heard it, I have been asking myself, “What about this song has captivated so many people?” I encourage you to ask the same thing and then pursue after those things through your own art!

Next, we will move to film. Romans 8:28 tells us, “All things work together for good to them that love God…” and we see proof of this in the Marvel Universe after the recent firing of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director, James Gunn. I found this news first in a secular entertainment paper where all of the stars of the films had their tweets published. Good ole’Chris Pratt, recently more and more bold in speaking his love of Jesus, had his tweet broadcast to the world. And it was this Scripture,

“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters. Let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.”

JAMES 1:19🙏


I just love how major actors are quoting scriptures to very serious incidents without flaunting their own human opinion. This is GREAT preaching and it makes me so happy to see it happening in Hollywood. It’s interesting to see how the others responded, as well. You can read about it here: Guardians of the Galaxy Firing Responses.

Lastly, a kind of bizarre but awesome news piece related to the power of God to use anything to speak. The Bible describes talking donkeys and flying beasts bringing God’s messages – and now we can add Google to the list.

This Vice article (it’s huge news to even report that Vice is doing pieces related to the Word of God!) talks about Google Translate spitting out Bible-based prophecies to its users including Hebrew language translations and the return of Jesus. It also posits an interesting theory about why this may be happening – one being that all of Google’s translations are rooted in The Bible. Of course. Every tongue will confess and every knee will bow! Read about it here: Google Prophecy.

Keep focused on God’s goodness – it will always yield a blessing!

What God is Doing in Holywood 7/18/18

This week let’s look at what God is doing through a more moderate lens – no fashion, parties in the hills, but the still, small voice of God through news and broadcast media and the seasoned voice of veteran reporters.

Kathy Lee Gifford reached out to both Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein as an example of God’s mercy. Her interview about it is here, Mercy for Men, but this is a very important and overlooked point by most Christians. The “#metoo” movement is of a Biblical standard that is calling God’s people of Hollywood to repent for past actions, covenants and agreements that have been far from holy. This includes both Christian (Bill Cosby) and Jew (Harvey Weinstein).

These two men represent their respective faiths and the behaviors and decisions they made that have led to the moral and spiritual pollution in and through our media streams. Kathy Lee’s Christ-like mercy is something that God’s people, especially women in Hollywood, can share to gain the favor of God for this coming season and many more to come.

Dan Rather, the man who took over Walter Kronkite’s seat as “most trusted man in America” has a new book, What Unites Us, and a message he has been sharing in faith. He says, “Humility is the core of patriotism.” Isn’t this true? Humility opens us up to receive God’s grace. Not to point to someone and say that you’re perfect and they are wrong – or another side or perspective. But instead to humbly step back and, combining both Rather and Gifford’s perspective, to say, “We all need Jesus. How can I help?” Rather’s full interview can be found here, Loving America.

Lastly, let’s look at how God is moving through media education. An organization that strengthens filmmaking and Media makers of the next generation in Africa, Del York Creative Academy, just firmed up an official partnership with Hollywood’s favorite school, USC! They will be partnering to do official academic research in the fields of compararative social media habits between America and Africa, equity and access to film studies globally, and the value of diversity on the sets of both blockbuster and Indie films. Check out their website here: Del York Creative Academy.

That’s all for this week. Peace be with you!

What God is doing in Holywood: 7/11/18

Time for another celebration! Three big pieces of news stood out to us that we wanted to share with you as proof that God is on the move in Hollywood!

1. Warner Bros. officially submitted a request with the city of LA to build a sky-tram from their lot in Burbank to the Hollywood sign. This is HUGE! It represents a network “connection” by the new owners of Warner Bros., AT&T between the old and new of entertainment. It may also offer an opportunity for AT&T to build a 5G network when the time comes. Read more about it here: Heavenly Tram from Burbank to Hollywood

2. There is a new sherrif in town at Disney’s Pixar studios and it isn’t Woody! After John Lasseter stepped down amidst allegations of #metoo indiscretions, devout and outspoken Christian Pete Docter, creative head of Toy Story is now Chief Creative Officer of Pixar! We may not be seeing any Disney versions of the Acts of the Apostles anytime soon, but this is still a victory for Holywood! Read more about it here: New Sherrif At Pixar

3. The Vice-president of Nigeria, Osinbajo, just toured every major Hollywood studio with an entourage of Christian actors and creatives Africa. When we say they rolled deep – we mean they rolled DEEP! This is big because every major box office success in Nollywood has contained references to Christ and has featured openly Christian themes. The good news is spreading across the nations- definitely bringing a Holywood flavor! You can read more about it here: Nigeria Comes Knocking

Thanks for viewing – check in with us next Wednesday for another update!