From Holywood to Washington D.C.!

Dear Church Family,
First of all, thank you for your devotion to the cause of Christian Science. This is a powerful thread that unites us all and there has never been a greater need for it in our world.

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We recently traveled to Washington D.C. where we were able to participate in “Awaken the Dawn” – a type of Christian Woodstock on the National Mall where 50 tents were set-up with thousands of Christians from many different denominations, Catholic, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Baptist, and Christian Science! – all filling up tabernacles representing each state of the Union – each participating in prayer, Bible study, worship, praise, and creative expression including painting! We found ourselves spending time at the Oklahoma tent, as well as the California and Idaho tents, due to the beautiful sense of love and joy pouring out of them. While we were on the Mall, we performed classic hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal put to contemporary music for the many others there in the tents of worship and praise. It was incredible!


We were able to successfully share Science and Health with those in attendance. The event we were at featured Christian women of all cultures, generations, and denominations singing praise and praying for America – following the Biblical examples of Deborah and Esther. One woman we met from Michigan had four of her nine daughters there with her. We talked about our faith and she became fascinated at the healing message of Christian Science. She told us she wanted to know more and with that we presented her a copy of Science and Health which she gladly paid $25 for! As Mrs. Eddy says, “This is woman’s hour, with all its sweet amenities and its moral and religious reforms” (No & Yes, 45: 19).


Deborah and Esther

With all that said, we are excited to announce the development of a program for Christian Science musicians to work with Branch Churches to develop original music for Church-use. As soloists at our local Branch Church, we are passionate about the quality and freshness of Church music – which we know many of you share! We are taking classes with Peter Link and Julia Wade of Watchfire Music in songwriting and music business to better understand how to make the biggest impact through our songs which we, wholeheartedly, believe to be metaphysical treatments that can change the world. We have just received a generous donation from the Albert Baker Fund for us to embark on these classes and we hope that, as our journey deepens, you will come alongside and join us!



Our first product is a cd of old and new hymns from the Christian Science hymnal to help support Branch Churches to better sing and share the joy of Christ Science through song including a new album of original music and lead sheets and sheet music for our original songs and compositions. Eventually, we plan to see a series of musical albums, a collection of sheet music, on-line resources, and an international tour to encourage and strengthen the Spirit of song in our churches across the world.


Our first product is expected to be released for Christmas of this year, 2017, and we would love to have you on our mailing list so that you can receive discounts and pre- orders as soon as possible!


Our song, Come Thou, an original composition to one of Mary Baker Eddy’s poems, will be included in our first album and we believe the lyrics are deeply relevant in our world today. Songs are our prayers and, in gratitude, we share these lyrics written by Mrs. Eddy with a hopeful knowing that God’s love is more powerful than any other force on this planet and it will prevail over every form of resistance.

“‘Faith, hope, and tears, triune, Above the sod
Find peace in God,
And one eternal noon.’

Oh, Thou hast heard my prayer; and I am blest!This is Thy high behest:
Thou, here and everywhere.”


In the Love of God Our Savior, knowing all is well,
Michael & Ansley Morgan (with Light and Glory squealing with glee in the background)

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